Insanity fishing

Today, I went fishing for the first time in twelve years! I went with a friend of mine and it was fun. The lake was beautiful, especially when the sun’s reflection hit the water.

It was so peaceful there!

In the beginning, I snagged a fish first, which made me in the lead. Suddenly, it went from 1:0 to 3:6. I think he caught over six, either way he managed to catch big ones in comparison to the small ones I caught.

My friend holding the fish I caught. XD

Now it’s insanity time! Has anyone ever heard of the Insanity Workout? An exercise requires no weights. Despite being a petite person, I’m not in shape. I don’t really exercise, or rarely eat healthy. Apparently, you’ll get a year’s worth of results in only 60 days. I’m not sure if it would actually work, but I am willing to give it a try!

When I do start, I'll be sure to post some before and after photos~

On a side note, has anyone ever gone fishing? What was your experience like?


  1. Insanity is very high paced. Make sure to breathe heavy and get lots of water. Seriously, flush your system everyday. I know it's not going to be easy starting out, but I hope you'll be able to pull through.

    I've gone fishing before, but I don't think I've ever really got to enjoy it. There was always something getting in the way. I've caught a few in my time, but nothing special.

    I really enjoyed your entry! It really seems as though you have a wonderful time. Was it a romantic date? The only thing that could have made it better, would have been a tender moment. I wonder if there was one. If not, there is always tomorrow—there is always next time.

    1. Yeah, it does seem like it will be a high paced workout, but I'm up for it 100%!

      Haha, it wasn't a romantic date. He and I are friends only. ^^;

  2. Never been fishing but there's a fishing village that I pass whenever I'm going to take the highway out of Portmore. Insanity is one tough work out but if you can stick with it I'm sure you'll have awesome results. Seems Kevin is really into your fishing trip with your friend, didn't sound like a date to me but I'm glad you had a good time. Anyway how has writing been going for you? And remember if you want any blogging help please let me know.

    1. You should definitely go! Then again, it probably depends on the person, but I really enjoyed it. It was mostly because it was so peaceful and the scenery was nice! Haha, you're right. It wasn't a date. The guy is just my friend, but thanks, I did have a great time! My writing had been on the back-burner because of school. Fortunately, the last day of summer semester classes are Monday. I'll return to writing then! Thank you very much! If I ever need any help with anything I know to come to you. :)




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