Procrastination and Distraction VS. Panda Ninja

Before I begin, if you’re wondering why I’m not posting this on my book blog, I’m still undecided if I want to keep that blog. Therefore, for now, I will be writing entries about my writing here from time to time. Now onto today’s post!

In 2011, I completed my first novel. Excited about its completion, I decided to send my query letter to various literary agents. Over the course of that year, I received multiple replies about my queries from those agents. Would you like to know what happened?

I was rejected, not once, not twice, but over 30+ times. It disheartened me because I felt that I worked so hard on producing a novel with a word count of 91,000. That was when I decided to work on another story and a few more when my overactive mind went into an idea frenzy (which happens often, even to this very day).

Years later, I decided to reread that novel. It actually wasn’t very good at all. Since then, I’ve changed the concept several times, including changing the characters names and roles in the story.

Currently, the villain procrastination attacks me every chance it gets, while its sidekick distraction manages a few hits every now and then.

I always tell myself, “Today is the day I will finally tackle this novel head on!”  

Thirty minutes later distraction decides to do a sneak attack and the next thing I know something on TV catches my attention and then I find myself watching it, while procrastination sits on the sidelines watching in victory.


I’ve realized that I need to become more diligent with writing. This is something that is my passion, yet I’m treating it like it isn’t important. Procrastination is not the key! It won’t get me anywhere. In order to be successful, no matter what you are passionate about, you have to be persistent. With that said, I won’t give up!

Have you ever had a writer’s block or allowed distractions or procrastination to sway you? If so, how did you deal with it?


  1. I find that it helps me to create an actual schedule with mini goals in in. That way instead of just thinking "I'm gonna work on my novel regularly!" I actually know which days and which aspects I'll be working on. That's how I manage to self-study languages all summer without getting too lazy or distracted and I can track my progress without it being completely aimless or too arbitrary (。☌ᴗ☌。).

    But that works for me because I work better with more structure, I dunno about other people.

    1. I tried attempting to do that with blogging and unfortunately, it didn't help me. However, it just might work for writing novels. The reason why it didn't fare well for me dealing with blogging was because during the time I was losing interest in blogging (^ ^; )

      I plan on trying to take your suggestion and see if it helps me. Thanks!

  2. I eventually got back to writing. No matter the pit stops giving up is never an option. If you'd like I'd give your manuscript a look over if you want.

    1. You're absolutely right about that. Currently, I'm in the process of mapping out a new story. When I complete chapter one (which, hopefully, should be later today), I would be honored if you could give it a look over!

  3. Don't panic. Writing is not a simple thing.

    Sure, it might seem like something is wrong with you—but just remember—writing is about quality more than anything else. Articulation and good composition come from being in the zone, you can't force it.

    Wait until you can focus. Just pace yourself, it'll all come together in time—just try not to psyche yourself out.

    Nourishment is also important, so make sure you're getting a lot of water (really flush yourself). In addition to that, make sure you're getting a good source of glucose, because that's the brain's primary fuel.

    I was just on a writing storm myself (just a few months ago), and now I've been at a standstill where I haven't written anything in almost two months. I know I need to get this finished, but I know better than to try and force it.

    Reading the work of others can help too. I'll link you to a few of my works. I do custom Magic: the Gathering game development, and apart of that is world building and character development. I'm currently working a series titled "Bloodlines of the Orient", which tells the tale of the beginning of civilization, when all Asian people were evolved humans, and they were all one people. It then leads on to explain how they became to be divided as they are today. Since it's an origin story, it ties strongly into Asian mythology—I wanted to explain the mythology in a more realistic way.

    You can follow these links and read the character storylines by clicking the "Design Notes and Highlights" tab in the first post. There you should see the character names, and within that tab will be their storylines (and game design notes).

    Their cards and images are also there, so you can check those out too (in order to get a better picture of it all). I really hope it can inspire you! And just remember—don't rush yourself; the best work will come natural, you've just got to be patient and wait for it.

    If you liked those, here's an extra.

    You can also follow me on Twitter.


    By the way, I literally lol'd when I saw that image of Kannagi. It painted you in such a cute light. I think that Anime was well done too, I really liked it a lot.

    1. Thank you for the comment. I'll definitely check out your links! It really does suck when a writer's block comes for me. I find myself forcing myself to write something, which I shouldn't do. Instead, writing should come naturally. Thank you for all of your advice! I'll keep it in mind. :)




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