AMBW Friendship: The revising of a concept

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Lately, I have been conversing with a friend via email. Let’s call him Aiden (also a name of a character of mine, XD). Aiden and have share a love for books. Since the beginning of our conversation he and I have discussed books in general, also how we do not understand why people do not like to read. He even compiled his own survey and discovered people that that enjoy reading often see images in there mind while reading a book(sort of like watching a movie), whereas people that hate to read just see words on a paper.

This panda has been very happy to find someone that enjoys reading books! It’s rare to me to communicate with someone that is very similar to me, not only does he like books, but he shares other things in common with me as well. It’s like I found another me…but it’s man!


Seeing how much he enjoys books, I thought I would ask for his opinion about m current W.I.P, Hell Hounds. To be honest, I’m glad that I did. Do you want to know why? He opened my eyes to many plot holes in the story. He had many questions about certain things I explained to him. Such as the following:

·         Why are the supernatural beings called omegas? Are they the evolved form of humans? To him the term seems to indicate the ending species of something, perhaps the ending to humans.
·         Are the omega people omegas because of the excess of sin (in regards to Aurora being a sin feeder). Does the removal of sin turn them human?

He asked other questions, but these were the questions really made me think. If it hadn’t been for Aiden’s questions, I would have continued forward with this story without seeing any of the major plot holes. This is why I need to find a critiquing partner (one that wouldn’t disappear on me, which happens all the time, unfortunately.)

Now, I’m in the process of reverting back to the beginning. Originally, I had set a deadline for completing this book, but now I realize that deadline won’t happen when I planned it to. Hell Hounds is one story that I’m trying my hardest to stick to. In the past, distraction has stopped me from working on certain projects, which explains why I have over 20 novel ideas just sitting in my documents folder, some worked on, and others just a compiled list of notes.

With Aiden’s questions, some new concepts have formed for Hell Hounds, but I really need to think things thoroughly before attempting to start on any chapters.

Have you ever worked on a novel and then realized all of the plot holes that you hadn’t noticed before, or is it just me?

By the way, Happy Labor Day everyone. 


  1. Can't wait to read Hell Hounds. Seems interesting!

  2. glad you met someone similar to you. x] when do you think you will finish writing your current novel?




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