Live Journal, anyone? My first blog

Yesterday, I was watching a 2010 BIGBANG video and the members were dancing to a song that sounded oddly familiar to me.

(Fast forward to 7:56)

And then it came to me. Ah! I know where I've heard that song from!

I posted a video on my blog about it back in 2011!

From that point on, I began reading through my old blog entries. I came to an realization that I was not only an active blogger (compared to now), also, I wasn't as distracted back then with writing. I did mention being distracted a few times, but it wasn't as bad as it is now. Back then, I could write 18,000 words quickly. Now, I'm lucky if I can even make it to a 1000 words or even 500.

This is my old blog--- Hinata6Uchiha 

I have another Live Journal blog, but you wouldn't be able to view it because it's private. The only people that can see it are mutual friends on LJ.

Anyways, does anyone else still have one of their old blogs or do you sometimes look back on your old entries? If so, what has changed from then to now?


  1. I have a bunch of old LJ journals. Maybe I'll go back to one and friend you.

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