Vlogging on Youtube is something I've been wanting to do for years now. The thing is...I'm shy and sometimes feel that I may be a bit boring for vlogging due to being somewhat awkward in front of the camera.

One of my favorite vloggers is Victoria Quinn. Back in 2012, she is the reason I finally uploaded a video of myself. She sort of reminds me of myself when I was her age, which is why I like her videos so much. The thing about vlogging is, what would I talk about? There are so many great vloggers out there that have been doing there thing for quite a while. There are tons of different vloggers out there from beauty, comedy, D.I.Y, and the list goes on. I'm pretty sure I would be more of a lifestyle vlogger because I wouldn't stick to just one topic. I honestly believe posting videos would bring me out of my shy/awkward shell. I just an extra push to actually do it and get over that fear I have of knowing people will be watching. For now I'll just stick to blogging. Though I must admit, Blogger doesn't seem as popular anymore. It appears the most popular blogging forms are Tumblr and Wordpress, unless that's just me thinking that and it's not statistically correct. Either way, since I've returned to Blogspot I've been wondering if I should return back to Tumblr for blogging. The thing is on Tumblr, once it's out there, it's out there. If no one has reblogged your post, then it's okay to go back and edit and delete. However, if someone has reblogged your post, and there was a mistake or something you wanted to delete, you can't because it's already out there and forever there even if you deleted your blog. 

My blog became my author's blog, but I somewhat want to change that and return back to my original URL, 672014x. Those numbers has something to do with my boyfriend, but I may change it. I just feel blogging on there is a bit different than here. I do like how I can move my pictures around, because those that are familiar with my blogging style, I tend to use a lot of anime GIFs in my posts, lol. 

How I place my GIFs, I cannot manipulate the photos where I want on Tumblr and that is my main con for Tumblr. Either way, I'm here for a while until I decide to return back to Tumblr for blogging personally lol. 


  1. OMG, Victoria is one of my favorite vloggers as well!! And I feel the exact same way, I can really relate to her and I've been wanting to vlog for a very long time. But I have bad social anxiety and like you said, I have no idea what I'd talk about and don't want to be boring. I know for sure I'd be a LifeStyle YouTuber and I was finally able to get a camera this year, but nows not a good time for me because a lot of stuff is going on and I'd rather wait until I live on my own.

    As for the Tumblr thing, I really don't consider it as a real "blog". It's more of a sharing type of website because I feel like a blog wouldn't have a bunch of "reblogs" on it and random stuff mixed in with your own posts if that makes sense. I really love Tumblr, but WordPress and Blogger are the real blog spaces and I just love how it's like my own little journal I can share with the world.

    I noticed a while ago how blogging has gotten less popular and more and more people would rather jump on the YouTube bandwagon. But I can understand why because it's more personal to see someone in a video and be able to hear their voice and see how they act and what their personality is like. You can't do all that from reading their blog, maybe a little, but I also feel people are too lazy to read these days too LOL.

    1. So sorry this reply is so late! I need to get a notification sent to my email to alert me whenever I have comments. It's a good thing I went to look back at my previous blog posts, lol.

      Oh wow, Victoria is your favorite as well? I think she's really awesome! I'm pretty sure if I started to vlog, my videos would be somewhat similar to hers. I plan on starting to vlog once I get settled into my apartment. I just need to download Sony Vegas on my current laptop, or see if I can transfer it from my other one.

      You do have a point about Tumblr not being considered a real "blogging" system, but I do know some people that use it as such. I used to use it as once before I became a procrastinator and stopped updating it as often, haha. I did return back, but I'm not as active as I was previously.

      Haha, I feel people are too lazy to read also. It is quite easy to just vlog instead. Of course then there comes editing along with it, but it's about the same as it is for typing, just a bit more added to it. I don't really watch as much Youtube videos like I used to, but I do have my favorite Youtubers, but Victoria is the only one that inspires me to want to kick my butt into and vlog, lol.




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