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Throughout the years of blogging, I've never had a strong presence online. The closest had been my fan fiction account back when Naruto fan fiction was quite popular. To this day, I still receive messages and reviews to my stories; (especially the ones that haven't been updated in months/years 😰)

I wish I had some type of presence, but because I don't really interact with other bloggers it makes sense that this blog doesn't have much traffic. My Tumblr blog had a LOT of traffic when I first made it last year. Not my primary blog, but the secondary one and do you want to know why it caught the attention of people? All because of the niche of ambw supporters. I typed a lot about my boyfriend in the beginning, and a lot of questions will be sent to me and lights & reblogs. My most liked and reblogged post is close to 10,000. Once I stopped talking about him, people seemed to stop caring and the traffic dropped big time. I still had a few faithful ones until those dropped as well, lol.

Then I decided to come back here to post personal entries. I didn't mind not having any comments or activity of any kind, until I started thinking about it last night. A part of me misses getting comments, but once I left the book blogging world and moved to Tumblr last year, everyone that used to comment on here stopped. It didn't bother me so much because I have been typing some things that I prefer  no one comments on.

Anyways, I'm on my break and need to finish charging my phone since its not charging as I'm typing this. 😧


  1. I feel the same way =( I'm very introverted and get anxiety talking to strangers, so I don't usually comment that often. I try to because I feel like other bloggers need support from everyone moving over to vlogging but sometimes I just dont like dealing with the crazy word boxes or having to login etc. But I'm trying to network more and might be trying out fashion posts soon. So I hope people will be nice enough to comment, but sadly I usually get one word ones talking about "Nice shirt" and no one ever says anything that shows they actually read what I typed underneath the pictures sigh.

    1. I'm month late responding to your comment! I saw it before, but could never respond back because at the time I was using my Blogger app to upload my posts and it didn't have an option to reply back to comments. But I agree, a lot of people are moving over to vlogging. It's a world that I want to enter, but just too shy to actual set out and do it. Plus, I feel writing is better for me to do because I can say what I want to say in a way that I wouldn't be able to while speaking. It's just easier for me. But it appears vlogging is taking over blogging. At least from what I've noticed. Either way, it is nice to get comments. But ever since I changed URL's no one comments anymore, probably because Blogger doesn't have any way to notify others that someone changed their URL.




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