Long Time No See

I felt like T.O.P typing today's blog title from his DOOM DADA song, haha. If you've heard that song then you'll get the reference that I'm making. 

In the words of T.O.P, "You like?~"

It's been a long time, hasn't it? Can't say I've been busy because that excuse can get tiring after a while, can't it? Well, I can finally say that I've completed 1 out of the 10 books that I wanted to complete by the end of this year. So, that's 9 more books to go! More details on that at the end of this month for my goals entry. 

Onto other news, I put in my two weeks notice last week. My last day is on February 24th. To be honest, when I talked to my boss about it a part of me was somewhat nervous. A few days prior my boss was thanking me for all that I do, and knowing at that time that I was planning on putting in my two week's notice made me feel a bit bad. Not only that, but there are two teachers to a classroom and my class can be quite challenging due to a few students we have. Not only would I be leaving, but leaving my other teacher to deal with 16 students on her own. On the other side, I'm doing this for myself. Teaching isn't something that I'm passionate about and being a teacher you have to be 100% focused while dealing with children. I love children and nothing about that will ever change, but as I said before, teaching isn't for me. So, I won't miss what my job entailed, but I will miss the students. 

Today there is no work because of President's Day, which meant a longer weekend! Too bad tomorrow is back to work T__T I'll miss those holidays off once I leave my job, lol. 

This weekend I went with my boyfriend to see the most awesome movie of 2016...DEADPOOL.

It was freaking awesome!! I loved it! I was so excited to see it. I still have my movie stub, lol. I honestly keep all of my movie stubs. Don't ask why, I couldn't even tell you, lol. Just a habit I started back in 2006. They kept Deadpool in character, unlike his role when he was in the Wolferine movie. He broke the 4th wall, as he does in the comic books. The crude humor and violence was kept in just like how he is in the comics as well. I give the movie a 9/10. I believe Rotten Tomatoes gave it 84% and that's high considering Rotten Tomatoes is like the Game Informer of movies. In other words, they rate movies pretty hard accurately, which I always approve of. Deadpool also became the biggest and most paid rated-R movie opener ever. Congrats to Deadpool! Before the movie even released on Feb 12th, it was already announced that there will be a Deadpool 2 and I will definitely be in line to see that!

That rounds it up for this entry. I'll try not to let it be so long until my next entry. Right now I'm going to continue working on Nightmare Chronicles and hopefully I'll be writing an entry saying that I finished rewriting it, haha. 


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