| Saturday Rush |

Morning kids! Haha, if you are friends with Keke Palmer on Snapchat, then you probably know where I got that phrase from, haha. 

It's Saturday morning and I've been awake ever since a little after 6:30am. I tried to go back to sleep, but I'm the type of person that once I'm awake that's it. As much as I would love to rest a bit longer, I know for a fact that I won't actually go to sleep until much later in the evening. 

So until then I plan on doing a few little things around my apartment. I haven't been focusing too much on myself lately and I need to realign my energy to myself again. My writing has been an on and off thing, mostly because of that focus and me just being lazy. So, after updating this blog I plan on truly working on it. I know for a fact listening to one of my favorite Breaking Benjamin songs, "What Lies Beneath" will help produce some words, as that song really gets me going. Then I have to do a little spring cleaning. I did throw out a lot of things earlier this year, but I have to go back and do some more cleaning to make more space. 

I really want to get back to the daily blogging because I was getting good at it before I started skipping days, lol. It can be a bit of a challenge at times, but I know it is mostly because I am not putting in the effort to really do it, much like my novels. If Superwoman Lilly (my favorite Youtuber) can vlog daily, I sure enough should be able to blog daily as well. I just need to give myself a push. 

Superwoman Lilly :)  She's really awesome!

By the way, you guys should totally check out her videos. She very funny and says very inspirational things as well in her vlogs. :) I linked her vlog channel and not main channel above.

Anyways, my day will most likely be spent at home relaxing and eating, lol. I'm hoping to get a decent amount of writing done, but if not that's fine. As long as I write something will be just as good. 

Everyone have a good and productive weekend! :)


  1. We must be twins from another mother mother because once I'm awake I can't fall back to sleep either for a long time. If you want to blog more that's great but decide which is best for you. A daily blog or on where you blog a few days a week. Always know your limit. Best of luck with your productive weekend.

  2. I pretty much procrastinate on everything, even on things I WANT to do. That is me with journaling. I always come up with reasons to not journal everyday, like the fact I don't have a table, and that I can only write on a table, etc. I'm surprised that you have been blogging every day though (you have, right?)! And anyways, even if you do skip days here and there (or a month) it's fine! Post what you want when you want :)




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