Netflix Watch-list Binge Session {EDITED 8/22/16}

{Whatever is typed in this color is edited on 8/22/16.}

I've had this entry sitting on my computer for weeks! Blame it on lazy blogging and a noticing pattern that I have developed. If you have noticed that I have been updating mostly once every month lately and the updates tend to fall on the last Friday of the month, lol. It's not my intention, but it is something that tends to happen. 

Anyways, this entry is about my Netflix watch list! I've been attempting to watch everything off my list (including series) before July comes, but it's just not going to happen. However, I am positive that I will be able to finish all of the movies before the second weekend of July, lol. 

What I have remaining on my list are the following, including GIF sets of the movies to give you a better visual of the movie/series.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon | Sword of Destiny (film)
Orange Is The New Black (series) {Basically completed seasons 1-4}

Peaky Blinders (series) {Started watching episode 1, have yet to finish that episode, lol}

Cosmos (series)

Daredevil (series)

Ajin (anime series) {Almost finished watching this series}

Shaolin (movie)

Fate/Zero (anime series)

Once Upon A Time In Shanghai (movie)

Kundo (movie)

Marco Polo (series)

Mushi-shi (anime series) {Started watching episode 1. This is an intriguing anime}

2001: Space Odyssey (movie) {Started, but I still have 2 more hours, lol. This is a long movie}

Hemlock Grove (series)

Madoka Magica (anime series)

K (anime series)

Flu (movie) | I hope this is the GIF to that movie, lol

Playful Kiss (movie)

Miss Granny (movie){Funny movie, I really liked it!}

That's a lot of watching I have to do! And not only that, there were three more that I didn't mention. Only because I couldn't find the GIFs for those series/movies. I plan on watching all of the movies first. My list was MUCH longer than that, and I have been watching most of the movies. Some were boring and others okay, and some were really good! I didn't list those because then it would have been too much to list, lol.
Ayways, have anyone ever watched any of the movies on this list? If so, did you like them or dislike them? Please share with me your thoughts!

I'll be posting another blog entry later today with my updates on my monthly goals! :)


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