Working On A Second Draft

Originally, I was going to save this post for my Do You Have A Goal, but decided to post it today (considering I don't blog very often, lol.) I am currently thinking of ways to start working on my second draft of HELL HOUNDS. The complete manuscript is with someone editing it at the moment. 

I realized a few days ago that there is no way I can start querying literary agents once the manuscript is returned. It would be a BIG no-no, especially considering that this novel hasn't went through any other drafts or revisions. It's something that definitely needs to be dealt with. 

Once I completed it, I felt so happy! You couldn't imagine how relieved I felt. The weight that I had been carrying immediately lifted from my shoulders. I felt ten times lighter than I had before. 

That was until I started thinking realistically about HELL HOUNDS and realized that I'm nowhere near finished yet. There is also the possibility that I may have to rewrite everything, which somewhat makes me regret sending off my manuscript to be edited this early. Depending on what I'm working with once the editor returns it to me, I will decide what direction to go into. However, regardless of what I do, the second draft is going to happen. 

I've already complied a list of literary agents that I have my eyes on once I'm 100% finished. To be honest, looking/thinking back on a few things I noticed that there are a few scenarios/characters/plots that I should have expanded on. Because of that, I have to work extra hard on really developing this story until it's good enough. 

HELL HOUNDS will one day become something spectacular, and in order for me to arrive at that point there are tasks that I need to tackle. With that said, my journey into drafting world begins~



  1. Do you have any Critique Partners to help look at your manuscript. Also you can compete in online contests that pair you with a mentor. Sadly the only two I know of #PitchWars and #Ficfest are already done. I intend to try #PitMad in December which is for complete and edited manuscripts. There's a September one as well. If you have anything you think is completed enough to try and catch the eyes of an agent or small publisher, you can enter. Here's the link. Congrats on how far you have come and plow through the hard work ahead my Panda. :)

    1. No, I don't have any critiquing partners. I've only had a beta reader. That looks like something I should look into. I will attempt to catch the one in September, if I remember. It's probably best that I set a reminder for myself. Thank you very much for the link and for the encouragement! :)

  2. If you're looking for crit partners, there's, or I'm on scrib now, and I love it. I used to frequent critters, but it's been a while and they've changed considerably. I am thinking about returning, and learning the ropes again, just because critters had a really good system for getting a full MS critiqued.

    Good luck with Hell Hounds. I just finished a first draft. Can't wait to start tearing it apart and turning it into a second draft :-)

    1. Thank you for the suggestion! I signed up for both websites! I plan on surfing around for a bit before I start submitting my manuscript or parts of it.

      Haha, I'm already thinking of new ways to improve the second draft. I'll receive my edited manuscript next week from my editor. Good luck with your second draft! :)




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