Perfecting My Query

I've been working on my query letter for about two weeks so far. Now that HELL HOUNDS is completed (besides a few edits, etc) I decided to place my focus on typing a query. And I must say that I'm having a harder time with the query than I did with the manuscript, haha. Some years ago, I typed queries for two different novels and had some help with them one on AgentQuery. I can remember struggling to get the query right, but not truly reaching that point. With my new query, I believe that I'm almost there. 

Next month I plan to start sending on my query letters. I already have my eyes set on a few literary agents. I'm crossing my fingers that someone will take a bit and maybe a request for a partial or full, which would lead to a representation. I know my hopes are big, but I'm thinking positive on this one. 

Besides any of that, I hope everyone reading this has been well! Sorry this is such a short update, haha. 


  1. Get a tough skin ready just in case and get rolling on those edits. Maybe get a few critique partners to help find any extra issues. Wishing you all the best on your writing journey.

    1. Thank you! I've developed a tougher skin...somewhat lol. Back in 2010 I received quite a few rejection letters from agents. But I'm hoping for the best this time around! I have a few critique partners now, trying to learn from my mistakes in the past, lol.

  2. I hope the query process is going well for you.




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