Barre Workout

Starting later today at 4:45pm I will start my first workout class.

This workout is called Barre Reaction. For the workout you use the barre ballet bar for balance. Barre workouts use a fuse of Pilates, yoga, and basic athletics to sculpt the body from head to toe.  Time is spent focusing on strengthening and toning each muscle group, followed by a stretch, to promote a strong, lean physique. It's truly a full body workout. 

The Barre Reaction technique was inspired by the foundation of the original barre workout, The Lotte Berk Method. From this, new variations were created to further emphasize specific components of fitness - strength, cardio, flexibility - all while eliminating impact and making sure the calorie burn is through the roof! Because of the focus required to really isolate each muscle group, the mind-body connection is unparalleled.  

After watching a few videos on Youtube, I decided that taking this class would be helpful for me to tone up my mid-section and my upper back. A few people see results within 30 days and I'm hoping to see something at the end of this month. I'm going to take pictures every day before my classes and combine the pictures at the end of my final class to show the results, if there are any. 

Has anyone else heard of Barre workout? If so, explain your experience!


  1. Never heard of the Barre workout but it sounds intense. All the best with your new work out routine Britt. Try not to pull anything too important my dear Panda.

    1. It is intense, but I really enjoy it and I am starting to notice a difference. My legs became sore for a few days, haha. Overall the work out is good. :)

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  3. Hi Brittney! I am the owner of Barre Reaction! I am flattered you chose our site content to repost. Have you had the opportunity to take a class yet? I am assuming you live nearby?




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