Playing Catch Up

I'm truly not very good at this updating thing, am I? 

Each time I attempt to update my blog and get a good flow going, that rhythm comes to a halt. No matter how much I try to escape procrastination, it always manages to find its way back to my side. Plus, I am fully aware that I owe replies to a few comments made on my most recent blog entries...(which I will get to soon enough.) 

As time goes on, I've been slowly getting back into revising HELL HOUNDS. The thing is...the idea bug hit me like a ton of bricks yesterday and I can't seem to shake it off. 

HELL HOUNDS currently has 50k. In the revision I'll most likely be cutting about 25,000 words (or more), which much I still have to write a hefty amount to reach my goal: 65-70k. The thing about it is I have to make sure that I stick to writing. I tend to allow writers block creep up on me, which is frustrating to say the least.

So far no writers block has attacked me, but the new idea is itching to be written. 

Has anyone out there ever experienced anything like this before? If so what did you do? 
  1. Ignore the idea?
  2. Write down a couple of notes about it and save it for later?
  3. Put your revision on hold and work on the new idea?
I'm trying my hardest not to work on the new idea, and by "work on" I'm referring to working on the actual chapters, not just notes. Either way, my current manuscript is very important to me...but this new idea is calling out to me...

I'm going to end this entry and try to make myself focus on HELL HOUNDS. My goal is to have it finished by the end of January and then I'll send it out to two beta readers before sending out my query letters. By the way, if anyone is interested (and dedicated, this is very important) in becoming a beta reader for HELL HOUNDS please let me know in a comment by leaving a email, or another way of contacting you and I'll be in touch. 

For now I need to...FOCUS!!!


  1. I'll gladly be a beta reader for my dear Panda! I think you need to at least jot down some notes on this new idea. That way it might help get the edge off and allow you to focus on revising Hell Hounds. Procrastination can be quite a burden. So is the fact in my life that I realized the novella series I planned to release first can't be done because it's in verse and that's not how I want to be labelled since most of my books won't be written in a poetic style. Instead I have turned to my unfinished MS The Rabbit's Princess. So yay for fantasy. And one of the few books whose title I'm concerned about. Wonder if 'Of Fur and Thorns' would be a better title. I'm kinda feeling it more as a YA book. Anyway all the best Britt.


    1. Thank you! I'm very appreciative of your offer! I'll gladly accept! Once I complete HELL HOUNDS manuscript revision, I'll send you an email once everything is complete. :) Procrastination can be a bummer. I'm trying to keep it at bay for this year in comparison to last year, lol.

      Hooray for fantasy! :) Good luck to your stories!




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