Blogging Interaction

Over the course of blogging, I realized that I stay in a corner. What I mean by that is I rarely interact with other bloggers. It is extremely rare for me to comment an entry. In order for me to become friends with other bloggers, I feel as though I should immerse myself deeper and stop myself from being the anti-social blogger.

I find many entries interesting, but for some reason, I never comment. In order to get my blog out there, commenting other blogs would help greatly, especially when it comes time to promote my novel. If I'm not active on other blogs and such, not may people would know about my book. 

From this day on, I will start participating in the world of commenting! 


  1. I think you used to comment a lot on my blog before I switched to Wordpress, LOL. I think I need to work more on talking to other bloggers too but outside of their blogs, like on Tumblr etc. I'm just not one of those people who starts conversations and that's why I have a small circle of blogger friends~

    1. Haha, yes you are one out of the four blogs I would comment on! Ah, I understand. I'm actually the same way on Tumblr. I mostly keep to myself and just reblog, unless someone sent me a message. Thanks for commenting, Momo! :)

  2. So glad you're moving up from just swimming in the blogging pool to interacting with other swimmers. Best of luck and yes keeping up with comments can be hard but it's the name of the game and you won't regret it. Love the gif, those penguins are hilarious.

    1. Thank you! I realized that it is something that I must do in order to form new friendships and get my blog noticed by other bloggers. I always have no trouble responding back to my own comments, it's just commenting other blogs ^^; But that's changing!

      Haha, it is very funny. XD Thank you for commenting! ^^




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