Studying The Sin Language

Lately, I have been studying for two different tests, while studying Japanese and working on my novel, Sin. My mind has turned into a pile of mush from all the studying.

Studying has never been my forte. I suppose it is difficult for me to concentrate on studying something for a long period (hours). On Monday, I did manage to study Japanese for almost five hours! It really surprised me that I studied that long. My otouto (younger brother) from Japan studies for ten hours straight! I was amazed he could hold his concentration for that long without taking breaks (barely). It somewhat inspired me to attempt to study seriously, which explains why I studied Japanese that long.  

Today, I’m planning on studying Japanese. I really want to improve my speaking skills the most! I have managed to make many friends in Japan that offered language exchange. The only thing is…I am mildly shy and some friends prefer to video skype. If I had more privacy at home, I would be more inclined to video chat with my friends, but unfortunately, I do not. T_T

Anyways, besides that, I currently am working on my concept for my novel. 

Kyo watching me work on my novel. :P
Most likely, I would began working on the chapters sometime next month…maybe (hopefully) earlier, depending on how long it takes me to work on the background history of the characters, world building and so on.

Originally, my character’s main protagonist was going to be a male, but I have decided to make it a female. If you remember my previous Bandit story, the main antagonist (Sebastian), I removed him from that story and placed him into this new story. I believe that he fits better in Sin (the new title of my story.)

I am very hesitant to release information about Sin, but I know ideas are one in a million. My paranoia stops me from discussing it. If you are a writer, have you ever felt doubts about releasing information online about your story, in fear that someone would steal your idea?


  1. I want to learn Japanese so bad. I even bought a book on it.

    As far as releasing your ideas think of it like this. It is the writing that matters not the idea. only you can write your story. Most people are interested in writing their own ideas. Putting out info on your book can give you much needed feedback and encouragement. Good luck.

    1. Japanese can be very difficult, especially when it comes down to memorizing kanji! It's a headache waiting to happen. Despite the challenge, it's fun to learn a new language. At least it is for me.

      That is true. Thank you for your feedback and Kyo thanks your compliment. XD

  2. I used to worry about posting my ideas but I limit info on some of my projects for a different reason. I read that fiction writers shouldn't publish too much of their projects information because of some copyright junk and other stuff when it comes to traditional publishers. So while I'm still open with my self-published work and some others, there are books in progress I keep close to the vest.But Brandon is right about the advantage of feedback I've gotten lots of beneficial feedback from readers. Also congrats on trying to study harder and can't wait for you to be fluent in Japanese. And I'm excited to read more about your current book, remember you said you'll send me a chapter when you were ready.

    1. I've heard about that also, especially if a person is trying to publish work that has already been read elsewhere online (fictionpress, figment and so on.) Feedback is crucial, so I will keep that in mind. Thank you very much! Yes, I haven't forgotten. I did tweet you about it on Twitter, but I don't think you saw it ^^; However, that story I tweeted you about I'm not working on it now. When I complete a chapter to my current story, I'll send it your way. :)

  3. No worries. I also limit discussion on my ideas. Can't copyright them until I have them written down.

    I think you're being sensible. :-)

    1. Thank you for commenting! Haha, you do have a point. I've decided that I will post more information about my current story on the last Friday of this month for your "Do You Have a Dream" blog-hop! :)




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