Childhood to Adulthood

Have you ever had nostalgic thoughts about your past? Ever wished you could rewind time back to a certain moment in your life and relive it? Or perhaps change something you regret? I’m sure everyone has had those thoughts at least once during their life. I know I have.

Honestly, I miss my childhood. Everything seemed so carefree back then. With no worries and just having fun every day, I have to admit it was awesome. The anticipation of my birthday and Christmas was everything to me. On Christmas Eve, there were days I would go to sleep early so the day could go by faster or I would stay up all night just for Christmas morning. The presents were all I cared about, especially the toys. During this time, clothes were the last thing I cared about, haha. My mother told me once that all the presents I receive as a child will stop once I hit a certain age. I didn’t believe her, but as I grew older I realized that she was right.

When you’re a child you live life carefree and worry-free (under certain circumstances.) You enjoy yourself outside, no matter what the weather is.
Playing in the leaves
Playing outside
Playing in the snow

As the years go on, we grow older and realize we cannot stay forever young, maybe in our hearts, but not physically.

As adults, we have responsibilities that we didn’t have as a child. There are bills to pay, 9-5 jobs and many of things we must take on in life. These were things we knew were going to come, but as a child it was a future thought, until it actually arrived.

Overall, if it were possible to enter a time machine, I would return to certain moments in my past just to relive the fun. Unfortunately, it isn’t possible. We must rely on our memories to visit those moments in life.

Have you ever had thoughts like this before?


  1. I thought of this a while ago as well. Being a child was amazing and you only realize it as you have grown older. I also love to idea how I used to play outside if it was warm or cold and laughed my way through live, it definitely changes when you grow old, but there are fun sites to it as well. You can do things on your own and though you grow old, things from childhood will always be carried with you and you will try to redo them again. Just thinking about it will make you smile and as live goes on, new adventures come and as long as there is fantasy and will, you will have a wonderful live! <3

    1. You have a good point! There are benefits to being an adult that you don't have a child. Memories are a lifetime and I'm happy to have had the fun I had a child! :) Now all of the new adventures start! Thanks for commenting!




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