DramaFever 2013 Awards

If you’re a fan of KDrama then you would definitely love the opportunity to vote. Why should you vote? Well, every vote will be entered for a sweepstakes to win a 3-day-2-night trip to NYC for the live award ceremony on May 1st and you’ll have the chance to meet a special guest from Korea. There are also weekly giveaway with prizes like an Xbox 360, a Samsung Smart TV, and Chromecast. Voters can also save 25% on a DramaFever Premium subscription. This a great chance for KDrama fans to participate in choosing the best dramas and actors of 2013!

You can find the links below to vote!

Be sure to cast your votes in for the chance to win some awesome prizes! 

Also, for a side note~I almost forgot to mention it ^^;

If you are a cinephile, every Saturday, DramaFever releases a new hit feature length film. Below are a few of their featured films you should definitely check out~

| Fly, Daddy, Fly |< click the link

Salaryman Jang Ga Pil is a modest family man, but when his daughter Dami is sexually assaulted by Kang Tae Wook, the high school boxing champ, he is driven to defend Dami's honor. Ga Pil recruits Tae Wook's rival, Go Seung Suk, to train him as a fighter, transforming the helpless father into a hero that'll go to amazing odds to serve justice in the boxing ring.

| He Was Cool | < click the link

High schooler Han Ye Won is a warmhearted klutz, but her strong sense of justice gets her in trouble when she reprimands a message board bully, who turns out to be Ji Eun Sung, a real life bully from her neighboring school. Eun Sung proceeds to harass and stalk Ye Won, but when the two accidentally lock lips, Eung Sung declares that because the unwitting Ye Won is his first kiss, they are destined to be married. What seems to be an odd case of opposites attracting may turn out to be a surprisingly tale of fate for these unlikely lovers!

| Lifting King Kong | < click the link

Lee Ji Bong is a former 1988 Seoul Summer Olympics athlete in weightlifting, but a career-ending injury forces him into early retirement. Unable to find another job and unsupported by the Korean Olympic Committee, he ends up working at a nightclub handing out flyers. When his former coach finds him, he insists Ji Bong begin a career as a coach at a high school in Boseong, a rural region in the southwest. There, he forms a weightlifting team made up of a ragtag group of outcast girls.

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  1. I love the concept for He was Cool and Fly Daddy Fly. I need to get into K-Drama. Maybe after I save enough money for my new laptop. Hopefully in time for the A-Z Challenge in April. Anyway good luck to all the shows getting votes and may the best win. Also Britt good luck with the sweepstakes and your K-Drama favourites.

    1. I agree. I really like the concept for "He Was Cool" also. Actually, I wasn't entering the sweepstakes, lol. I work for DramaFever, so I was only letting my readers know about it, lol. Thank you for commenting! :)




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