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I haven't posted anything on this blog since last year. The reason is because I had decided to move my blog over to Tumblr. However, I must admit that I do miss the comment section, which is unavailable for most Tumblr themes. Because of this, I am not able to really interact with my followers. 

A lot has happened since the last I were here. I suppose I'll start of with the first thing. I'm now a teacher! A preschool teacher to be exact. In the past, I've had various jobs and this is the first job that I love! My students always make me smile...sometimes a little frustrated, haha, but they're all so funny and cute! The next big news is that I have a serial novel available on a website called, Channillo!

On the side, is the cover art of my serial novel, NIGHTMARE CHRONICLES. It was drawn by the talented, Kirk Quilaquil! If you click on his name it'll send you to his DeviantART page. The genre of my serial novel is YA paranormal. I update it weekly, every Friday. Currently only three chapters are available to read (if you subscribe, I'll get to that in a moment.) However, there are seven chapters uploaded so far. There will be twenty chapters in total and I'm working on chapter nine (with a mild writer's block T__T) The basic summary of this novel is here: Days from now, weeks, months and years later, he would always remember that fateful day, the day his team was ambushed by the humans. He remembered it well because he was the sole survivor. Captured by the humans, a demon left to spend his days in a small prison cell, perhaps never again to see the light of day, a living Nightmare.
…Yet, there is a glimmer of light, the human girl who refuses to leave him in the darkness alone. Love was never something he even considered, let alone falling for a human. Not until Andy made her way into his life. With a voice gentle like a lullaby and a heart so pure, Andy fascinated Nightmare. She made him feel humans weren’t as bad as he believed. Maybe she is his light at the end of the tunnel.
But with Nightmare’s determination to break free and claim his revenge, nothing and no one will get in his way. Little does he know he may have an ally in Andy’s cousin that is willing to help aide his inner desire. But his vengeful state of mind just might put Andy in danger. In this dark pessimistic world what will become of this demon and his unlikely companion?

Now about those subscribers. When signing up for Channillo to read a story on there, the reader pays a small fee. The prices start from $2.59 to $19.99. Which, isn't bad at at for the amount of stories you can read! 

  • One Series Plan - $2.59 (subscribe to any one series)
  • Bronze Plan - $4.99 (subscribe up to any five series)
  • Silver Plan - $7.99 (subscribe up to any ten series)
  • Gold Plan - $14.99 (subscribe up to any twenty-five series)
  • Platinum Plan - $19.99 (unlimited subscription)
The reader can cancel anytime they want and won't be charged for cancelling! After my NIGHTMARE CHRONICLES is completed, which will be on July 30th (I know this because of how I've been scheduling each chapter, lol) I plan to have it available to paperback on Amazon, and on e-book format for e-readers! However, this will not happen until August or so. 

For anyone interested in reading my serial novel you can find it here ----> NIGHTMARE CHRONICLES
Please tell me what you think if you happen to subscribe to my series! I'd really like to know your thoughts on it! 


  1. Ah ha! I was wondering why I hadn't heard updates in so long. Congrats on everything! Preschoolers are fun and always honest. Good luck on the serial novel!

    1. Haha, yeah I made the announcement that I was leaving Blogspot back in June. I'm still undecided if I should come back or not. Thanks for commenting! I agree, my students are all so funny and cute. XD




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