After getting some advice from one of my favorite bloggers, I've decided to move all of my personal blogging back on Blogspot. To be quite honest, not many people pay that much attention to my entries, and because of this I feel more free to say what I want to say. Though I must admit in the beginning I didn't feel so comfortable opening up online. However, things have changed and I decided it's time I do so, especially since I love blogging (but I can be quite lazy at it, lol.)

I can definitely be a lazy panda =__=;

I even thought about changing my URL, but I decided against it because I know if I change it, I will miss my current URL. I can sometimes waffle in my thought process, unfortunately. Unless my mind is totally made up, I can go back and forth. 

This entry is about life. For the past few years, my life became a roller coaster. I have been emotionally and physically depressed and it would bother me to my core. It sucks when you just feel as if your soul has been swallowed whole by a black hole. Nothing but darkness surrounded me. There were moments of light and I felt happiness. Yet, there were times I put on a smile just to hide how I was truly feeling. It's safe to say that this year of 2015, I feel things are finally getting better. My smiles are no longer a facade, the road ahead has become smooth and the light broke though grabbed my hand and chased the darkness away and I can finally smile, genuinely. 

I'm not saying that everything is 100% better, but it is getting there. My life is steadily falling into place. I still have some things that I need to straighten out, such as learning how to get back into managing my money the way I used to. That's the main thing, because I have spent so much money over the past year (really  within 10 months) on something that I really regret. I plan on blogging about that someday, but not today. 

It really feels good to be back to blogging again, but on a more personal note. I'm not going to make any promises when it comes to how frequent I'll update, because let's be honest. Whenever I make announcements revealing when I plan to update something, I'll stick to it for a week or so and then I'll fall off the face of the earth for quite a while, then randomly return months later (if not years, point in case some fanfics of mine :o)

So if I'm going to be frank about that, it's best if I don't make any promises. I'm already behind on my fanfictions and I already feel guilty about that (not to mention the messages I receive asking when I'm going to update a story.)

Overall, the point I'm trying to make is that I will be updating this blog. Until next time~




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