Sometimes it's somewhat difficult for me to think of a title for my blog, unless I've thought of one beforehand. Today, I didn't really think too much about it and typed the first thing that popped into my mind. Decided. What have I decided? Well, I've decided to stop blogging on my niche blog, East Meets The West. Originally that specific blog was my main blogging on Tumblr before I revamped it. It was mostly just me re-blogging other post, but I deleted most of all my post to start EMTW (East Meets The West.) The reason why I made this blog was because Kpop Meets Black Women inspired me. I wasn't nearly as successful as they were, mostly due to me rarely posting and not really sticking to the "kpop" thing, which I noticed was more popular I guess. 

To be honest, I've always wanted to have a somewhat known blog for whatever reason. Probably because I never knew what it felt like to have people anticipating blog post and sending messages/questions to me. The only thing that came close was my stories on Fanfiction. I don't really care too much about that anymore. Maybe just a little bit...

As stated in my previous entry, I can be a bit envious at times of others. It's a common human emotion. Either way, I've closed it indefinitely. I'm going to focus on continue blogging here and working on my author's blog on Tumblr. 

Besides that, I just finished this weeks assignments for my CDA class. However, I'm super behind on my online classes! I'm not sure if it's me being lazy or just too stressed to focus on my assignments, but I haven't been doing so good for my online classes since last fall semester. I do have my degree, thankfully, but I feel really back that I have gotten behind in my grades. Due to this reason, my GPA has dropped significantly :/ I really need to get back into the game. I know college isn't really for me, but there is a reason why I'm attending that I won't say on this blog. 

I've been really trying to move forward in my life with things, especially saving my money for moving. I'll be moving later this year and I need to stop dipping into my apartment savings. If I've never dipped into it, I would have about $10,000+ by now, maybe even more. What do I have now? $1000+ currently, and last week it was about $1300 close to $1400, but I dipped so much into it since last week that I lost $300+ within such a short time period. I feel so much regret in myself for dipping, but I have to continue life as is and just continue to move forward. 

It's currently 1-:23am and my throat is feeling a little scratchy. I'm praying to God this isn't a cold brewing because that's the last thing I need right about now. Dealing with a bunch of runny nose children all day, I definitely need my immune system up!


  1. Keep going forward! It sounds like you're pretty busy with the classes, moving, etc.

    1. Thanks! Yeah, my work keeps me extra busy! Lol. Thank you for responding. :)




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