Life pt.2

Hey everyone (or possibly no one) reading this entry! Today I was denied an apartment. :/ When I discovered that I was denied, it really hurt me because I had my eye out on that particular place for months. A part of me knew that it wasn't going to happen, but I held onto the hope that just maybe things may turn out differently. My family doesn't know that I have been denied, and to be honest I don't plan on saying anything until someone asks me about it. Though I know my grandmother will eventually ask, since I had to ask her to be my cosigner (since I couldn't be approved on my own.) Surprisingly enough, I'm not as saddened by it as I thought I would be. Despite this obstacle that has occurred, I'm not giving up and will push through it all. 

Determination surges through me! Cha!!!
Tomorrow I was going to view an apartment, and my appointment was for 9am, but I don't think I'll go. The thing that I need to do is build my credit. Moving into my own place as a first time renter with no credit history can delay the process. In other words, I would be denied and I don't want to go through that again. I'll build my credit with the card for a couple months and once August comes around, I'll apply for an apartment again. My car payments will also help out big time with my credit. Moments ago, I applied for a credit card with my bank, but with no card history I'm a bit worried I won't be accepted. The only thing I have to do is wait and see what happens! I'll know the answer 5-7 days. I've been wanting to avoid investing in a credit card for years, because I don't like the idea of paying monthly for it because it's just another bill for me. This is adulthood...unfortunately. It makes me miss being a child, carefree and not a bill to pay.

No you can't, Peter you can't :/

Life comes around and I have to realize that there are certain things that I must do in order to proceed. Because as Ferris Bueller once said....

I'm going to pray that my bank accepts my credit card application, because I know applying for another one could bring my credit score down. I just realized that I should have selected that I'm a "student" and maybe that could have made my chances better. However, I selected "other" and put that I'm a teacher. There is nothing I can about it now but to see what the verdict will be! I plan on only using my credit card (if approved) for gas. I can afford paying $20 a month for the card. 

As a side note, I also have to pay off my Paypal credit. I plan on doing that once my student loan comes through. The reason why I have paypal credit will be revealed once I make the entry on what I've been spending my money one for the past 11 months. 

I'm thinking about changing my URL for sure now. I was worried about doing it due to the people that follow me and in case any of my followers are lurkers and choose not to comment. But since I'll be writing some very personal entries, maybe it's best I separate and change my URL. I have a title that would match...but I'm still thinking (noticed how I went back and forth there?) Lol. I literally said that I was "thinking about it" to "maybe it's best" and right back to "I'm still thinking." As you can see my mind can be fickle, since this isn't a planned entry and I'm just typing as I go along, lol. 

Anyways, I'm praying for the best with this credit card, because I really need this! 

I'll keep my faith up high and pray for the best~

It's currently 12:47am and I'm struggling to keep my eyes I'm hungry. What an odd combination...or maybe not so much, haha. I'm going to go find something to eat, watch "The Whispers" and then head to bed. Luckily I go in for work tomorrow at 2pm, which means I get to sleep in! Woohoo!

No alarm clock waking me tomorrow! I will sleep longer XD


  1. Sorry for being a lurker >__<

    I hate having a blog and feeling like I'm talking to myself, but I usually read blogs from the Bloglovin app and want to comment, but get sick of having to keep logging in to comment on each blog. I'm on my laptop right now and I do keep up with your blog, so I just want to say good luck with your credit card and I'm sure you'll be able to find an apartment before Summer is over!

    I understand how you feel as well, a lot of my friends have moved out this year and I feel like I'm behind. I keep wishing I was a kid again or at least that life wasn't so tough trying to be an adult. I'm rooting for you though and if you do change your URL, I'd like to know so I can still keep up with you =D

    1. It's totally fine! :) Don't worry about lurking, lol.

      I can understand how you feel. It can be tiresome to keep logging in to comment and such. I can be lurker myself at times, haha. Thank you for the support! I've also decided to change my URL.

      It will now be Mori Lii
      But my name shown will still be Panda Ninja, until I decide to change that as well. I can't seem to part from that name, lol.




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