Happy Friday!

I've been slacking, haven't I? You don't have to tell me, I know. Today is my day off, along with tomorrow. At my new job I work from Sunday to Thursday, 6am-2pm. Originally I hadn't planned to do anything today except for relaxing at home and working on my novel. But I knew that I would eventually get bored. Currently I'm visiting my cousin and we aren't doing much but talking and on our laptops, lol. 

NIGHTMARE CHRONICLES is slowly being retyped, but I'm starting to wonder if I truly want to revise it. Where will I market it? Is doing that truly worth it? Doubts and procrastination is starting to creep in and the urge to work on something completely different. Honestly, I want to see this through but I'm starting to become bored with working on the series. Maybe I should take a break from it and return a few months later. I've noticed when I take a break on story and stumble across it months later, it gives me a boost of energy to work on it again, especially if the plot was good. Either way, I made a commitment and I will follow through with it.

I have a new favorite song by a group called, Stellar. They are a K-Pop group, but I don't know really anything about them. The only reason why I know of the song was thanks to one of my favorite YouTubers, JheartsJ. 

I couldn't find the music video since I used Blogger to search for the video instead of putting it in myself with the HTML code. Either way, the way the song sounds remind me of an anime song. I cannot remember the name of the anime at all. Either way, this song, titled "Sting", has become a favorite of mine. 

That's about it for now. I don't really have anything else to add. I hope everyone will have a good weekend!


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