Today is Saturday and I realized that I haven't been keeping up with my goals for this year when it comes to blogging. I'm not sure why I don't update more often, especially when I do have some time to do it more often. I suppose it's one of those things where blogging just isn't a set priority. Either way, I do have a few things that I will update you guys on! 

Lately, I have been feeling really...how can I say, out of my shell? I'm not sure why I have been feeling like this for the past few weeks. Normally I am a very introverted person, I still am but it's like I'm beginning to enter the realm of becoming an extrovert. It's really weird. I can still be shy about things, but as far as going out places and etc, I feel more outgoing. It's a really good feeling...

Feeling more active in life is a good thing for me. Normally I'm not that outgoing, but not opposed going out. However, I would be more hesitant with doing things with other people. For example, once I'm out with someone I would think to myself, "Why did I agree to do this?" It was that sort of thing. I no longer feel that way, and I'm glad about that. It's like I'm almost finally coming into my own after years of being shy and hesitant.  

When it comes to news about my novel, I haven't been working too much on it lately because this week has been a busy one for me. However, I did manage to find an editor two weeks ago to edit my story Atticus. I was surprised this person doesn't charge for how much she does when it comes to editing! She is basically like the editor you would have that would look over your book before it's published, if you are signed with a publisher/literary agent. Since I am still working on Atticus, I plan on sending her two chapters at a time instead of waiting until I complete the entire manuscript. Hell Hounds has also still been edited by another editor for that particular story and she is loving the story so much better than my previous story Nightmare Chronicles. I made an announcement stating that I planned on completed one of those story by May or at least sometime in May. With the rate I have been moving, I'm starting to doubt that would happen.

Anyways, moving along with the next update! I finally have the internet! I had gotten it last week. I'm so used to using my phone for everything that I forget that I even have the internet. I'm trying to use it more often, because I would be paying for nothing if I continued to "forget" that I have it, haha. 

Life is still moving and I'm moving along with it. I haven't felt as if I was locked in limbo or anything. In fact, I feel very happy lately with how my life has been going. I'm not sure what I will do today, if I do anything at all. I do sort of want to hang out, but I'm not 100% if I truly will or not, it depends on a couple of factors. 

Either way, that's my update for today! I hope everyone has a good rest of the weekend. :)


  1. Welcome back to blogger Brit my dear Panda! Glad to hear you are moving forward with your writing and I too have had to back pedal on a complete date or release date. Better to do that that put out subpar work. The fans and readers will wait.

    Yay on becoming an outgoing introvert. Nothing wrong with that. Go forth butterfly.

    1. Thank you very much! It feels good to be back. :) I did manage to out out a short story, but I decided not to revise it and focus on Hell Hounds and Atticus. Good luck with your titles as well!

      Thank you for commenting!




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