New Blogging Schedule

Creating a blog schedule is something that I have wanted to do for quite a while. It would help the organization when it comes to blogging. The only things is, I never set aside the time to actually create one for this particular blog. If you're a follower of mine, you should be well-aware that I am not a fast updater, lol. 

I'm going to start this schedule on January 30th and below will be the set schedule:

Monday - Bookshelf Talk
  • My thoughts on any book I'm currently reading or have read
  • Possible book reviews
  • Future reads (books that are on my wishlist)

Tuesday - Quote Of The Day
  • I will post a few of my favorite quotes on this day. Quotes from authors, TV shows, Movies, Philosophers and etc
  • I also would like other bloggers to share their favorite quotes. 

Wednesday - Writing Muse
  • On this day, I will mostly be discussing updates about my novel, including information about WIP as well. 
  • Possible other topics dealing with books, writing, publishers and etc (anything dealing with books mostly, lol.)

Friday - Manga Friday
  • I'll be reviewing manga (and possibly anime.) 

On Thursday, Saturday and Sundays there won't be any blog post. I've done this before on my author's blog before, but I haven't been on that blog in quite a few years, lol (not to mention it is private now.) Hopefully, this scheduling will stick. 


Until tomorrow~ :)




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