Do You Have A Goal - February 2017

So, I actually forgot about updating last Friday. BUT! I'm here now and I have only two updates. 

My first update is that I'm no longer an intern for Filles Vertes Publishing. It's mostly because it became too much and I knew that I would have a hard time balancing trying to work on my own novel and my personal life. I'll miss it and figured that it would have been a good opportunity for me, but I couldn't possibly keep up with it.

My second update is that I've been working on ATTICUS, but for the past week or so I haven't been working much on it. I tried working on it today, but I didn't get very far lol.

I'm not very focus like I wanted to be, but hopefully by the end of this upcoming weekend I would have at least finished chapter 4, lol.

Well, that's about it for me today! Hopefully everyone else's update went well. :)


  1. Hey, Brittney, keep it up! I didn't have much to report in February either, but a lot happened in March. Hope this month has been kind to you, too!




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