Writing Muse + Manga Friday

Since I missed Wednesday's "Writing Muse" day, I decided to combine it with today's entry. I was beginning to think maybe this writing schedule isn't something I should attempt, considering that I'm not starting off very well, lol. However, I will continue to press forward!

Let's get on with today's entry, shall we?

Writing Muse

On Twitter, I revealed in a video that I've been writing my notes for ATTICUS in a notebook (which you can check out here: Twitter Video.) I've completed mostly all the background information and have now reached the chapter outlines. Once that is completed, I will finally be able to work on the actual manuscript. 

I'm unsure how many chapters ATTICUS will be, but I would like to reach between 70-80k at least, considering the genre it should be about that length (YA Fantasy.) The more I work on it, the more I'll reveal updates about ATTICUS. :)

The writing update was a bit short because there isn't much for me to say, so now moving onto Manga Friday~!

Manga Friday

I haven't been reading manga is so long! The last manga I've read consistently was Naruto. Boruto (Naruto's son) manga is now monthly, but I'm not really reading it. I did read Sarada's story, which I did like, but I suppose most of the Naruto fandom has lessened since the series completed two years ago (or was that a year ago? I honestly can't remember, lol.)

I did download a sample of a manga on my Kindle titled, GOTH. I started on it a few weeks ago, but I haven't finished it yet. Most likely once I find something that really intrigues me, I'll be able to finally have something worth mentioning on this particular day, lol. 


  1. I'm going to check out your twitter video. Glad to see you're preparing yourself well to write Atticus.

  2. I don't read manga, and I'm SUPER picky about my anime. But the last manga I read was hentai. Purchased it from Amazon because I fell in love with the art...also I'm perverted and yeah. ^///^

    Glad to read you're making headway with ATTICUS. Keep us posted on your progress! Question: do you do character sketches?




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