Do you have a Dream: 1

I’m very late in the “Doyou have a Dream” entry! Please forgive me for those that are following the blog hop!


My dream has yet to be completed, but I have almost finished my character history. In total, there are eight characters, three of which are antagonist (one misguided antagonist) and out of those three, two will be in later books. Then three out of the eight are minor/secondary characters. After completing the character summaries, I will work on chapter outlines. Normally, when I work on outlines for my chapters, I detailed it down to every nook and cranny. This time, I will only include the important scenes.

The story will follow the main character, Aurora Rae. Originally, the main protagonist was going to follow Cyrus, but I decided to switch them. Although I did like the idea of a leading male character (because you don’t see it too often), you can’t go wrong with a leading strong female.

I’m hoping to start on chapter one a week before my birthday (which is October 25th.) It shouldn’t take me long to finish. So far, I have completed the following:

ü  History of the city
ü  History of the Daemons and Sins
ü  Background history on five of the eight characters

I’m really anxious to start on the chapters! I already have ideas for the second and third book, but my concentration is fully on book one. Distraction won’t get in the way of me this time!

Stay tune to see where I’m at next Friday. I won’t be late this time, haha. 




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