Nook or Kindle. Which is better?

If you remember a few post ago, I discussed my problem with books, Book Rehab. I tend to by books as if they are going obsolete tomorrow, which I’m sure they will within the next twenty years or so. With everything going digital the thought of investing a Nook or Kindle came to mind. The only thing is…I wouldn’t know which one to purchase.

They both have different features from what I’m aware, yet some similar traits. In order for me not to become a book hoarder…(because in all honesty, it wouldn’t be too long before I am one, haha), I believe owning a Nook or Kindle I would be able to dwindle down on my book purchases. However, books such as Acheron, Sytxx (books that I own with over 800+ pages) I would not want an ebook form for ^^; I’d rather just have the book.

Do any of you own a e-reader? If so, which reader do you have?


  1. I own a Kindle Fire, and I love it. I just love being able to carry around all of my favorite books, plus any documents I need as well. It is really convenient.^^ Also, I'm a really huge fan of Amazon, and so, with my prime account, I can borrow a bunch of books and movies for free, which is pretty awesome.

    Alas, however, I'm not sure how it is compared to the Nook, as I've never used one before, but I definitely do not discourage the idea of buying an e-book or a Kindle. Good luck in your choosing!^^

    1. I forgot that I do have a prime account also...and free books and movies does sound good! ^^ Thank you for your opinion on it. I'm going to look more into it, because I will need one eventually. XD




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