The Sunshine Award

The wonderful Sherry Ellis has nominated me for the “Sunshine Award.” This is my first time receiving this award, so thank you very much!

I’m going to use questions on Sherry’s blog to answer. Afterwards, I’ll nominate other bloggers to do the same!


1.       What is your favorite vacation place? There are many destinations I’d love to visit, but the ones that come to mind first are Japan (what a shocker XD), Dubai and China, so I can see the Great Wall in person.
2.       What is your favorite dessert? As a child, I had quite the sweet tooth. Years later, that sweet tooth vanished. The only thing I can say that I truly enjoy eating are gummy candies, cherry or strawberry flavor.
3.       What is your favorite season? I’m going to name not one, but two favorite seasons! Spring and summer. I would say winter, but despite how pretty snow can look, I hate the cold weather Dx Spring. Rejuvenation. Rebirth. Everything is blooming and…okay, I snatched that line from Seinfeld. But! It’s true! I like summer, only when it’s not humid, haha.
4.       What is your favorite thing to do in your spare time? Mostly reading or writing. Sometimes, I’ll watch a movie, listen to music and play a video game or two.
5.       Where would you like to live if you could choose anywhere? I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, JAPAN!
6.       What’s your favorite color? I like red and black the most.
7.       What’s the most exciting thing that has happened to you this year? There are two things. One I cannot reveal yet and another is finding love! It may seem cheesy to say, but it is exciting to me.
8.       Tell us something about yourself we might not already know? Hm…this isn’t really anything big, but I do not like romance movies, yet all of my Fan-Fiction stories are romance. XD I suppose it’s somewhat backwards.
9.       Do you have a pet? Yes, I have two precious dogs that I love with all of my heart, Roxy and Kyo. Unfortunately they can be a bit troublesome at times, lol.
10.   What’s your favorite kind of pet? A talking one! No, not a bird, but a cool talking dog, cat, bunny or even a hamster!
11.   What did you like doing the most when you were a kid? I didn’t do so much as a child, but I did like playing video games a lot, something I still do. ^^; Also, I liked riding my bike.

I’m supposed to select 11 other bloggers, but I’m only going to select a few. Just as Sherry, if you would like this award, feel free to do so!

The bloggers I chose:




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