Do You Have A Dream 9 + Youtube Updates

I could make millions of excuses as to why I didn’t update when I did, but truthfully, I forgot (which could also be considered an excuse, lol.) Regardless, I’m finally updating!

Lately, I have been working occasionally on my novel. I’ve gotten to the chapters and decided to write I dialogue only for my first draft and afterwards I’ll fill in the rest. This is a concept I discovered online by another blogger that offered how she revises her stories.

Despite not having completed my goal just yet, I will be getting there soon enough!

Aside from that, I decided to upload another video on Youtube. It’s more of a slideshow than a video of me speaking. If you follow my Facebook Like Page, you’ve probably noticed that I made a status about it. 

As soon as I buy a better camera, I’ll make more videos and I plan to make a separate channel for practicing my Japanese speaking skills. I’ll only speak in Japanese on those channels, at least I’ll try. After viewing a few other channels that have done that, I figured it’s a good way to improve speaking skills. One of my inspirations for attempting this is KemushiChan. Her entire channel is devoted to teaching Japanese and has become a Youtube educational guru. I’ve spoken to a few times through email and she was very helpful and kind towards me. I still have that email, because she offered good advice!

In 30 minutes, I have to leave for class. On that note, I will close here.

PS: I have finally replied back to the comments on the previous entry!


  1. You go girl with your Japanese. You're not the only person not updating on time. I missed two straight Saturday book reviews. I'm just glad I didn't name a book. Love the Sasuke pic and good luck with your goals Britt.

    1. Thanks! Originally, I was going to upload a video this past weekend, but I was busy. So, I may do it this weekend after my exam. Haha, I feel relieved I'm not the only one ^^; Thank you for commenting! :)

  2. I'm looking forward to your Japanese YT channel! When I was in my early stages of studying Arabic, I had made a channel for practicing and speaking Arabic, which was really fun and helpful. I do think such videos are helpful in the language learning process, especially for learners residing outside of the country where the language is spoken or those who reside in places where they may have a hard time finding someone to practice speaking with. :D

    So, good luck with that and everything else you are engaged in!

    1. Thanks! I've decided instead of making a separate channel, I will upload it on my main channel and just have a certain title for all Japanese videos ^ ^ Really? Is Arabic a difficult language to learn or fairly easy? I agree, plus by speaking the language often I believe it can help with improvement.

      Thank you very much for commenting! ^ ^




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