Is Teaching My True Calling?

You cannot imagine how happy I am to be home right now. Today felt like a long day. Sometimes, I think to myself if I truly want to spend the rest of my life being a teacher. Everyone has that moment when they don’t feel happy working at their job. Maybe it’s the pay, coworkers or no work/life balance. Whatever the reason may be, most still remain at their job for security purposes. We all want to be doing something that we’re truly passionate about. For me, that’s writing.

I don’t feel teaching is my true calling. However, I need a steady income especially since I’m living on my own, have a car note and a cell phone bill to pay monthly. Without a job, I would be SOL. It's not that I don't enjoy being a teacher, because I do. I just don't think it's my true calling career wise. It can be exhausting teaching preschoolers. 

Teaching can have its awards. Basically as a teacher you’re an advocate to children. I just really want my main source of income to come from writing. In order for that to happen, I need to put effort into my writing and continue to push forward with the positivity that an agent or publisher will accept anyone of my novels. That would be like having my foot in the door.

Currently, I’m in the process…or rather slowly starting to revamp Nightmare Chronicles. I really think it might do better as a full length novel than a short story. For a full length novel, word length for a YA would have to be at least more than 50,000 word count, but I’m sure the average word count many see in those novels are about 60,000. Nightmare Chronicles is about 30,000+ or so in total. So, I would really have to add in a LOT of details and extra chapters, lol. I already have some ideas in mind to make it better. I’ll probably expand a lot of things, mostly on the relationship between Nightmare and Andy, and develop a few characters better (the antagonist and The Mechanic.) I’m going to shoot for at least 55,000+ word count. Good thing I have already 30,000+ completed for it. I'm half way there and my goal will be reached soon!


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