Work Resumes Jan 4th

It's only Sunday and I'm already wishing Friday were here. My holiday vacation was a solid one. To be truthfully honest, I didn't do too much at all, which wasn't something I had planned on. I'm not ready to return to work and dreading it so much right now. We have one more holiday break this month on the 18th, but there won't be another long break like this until summer. 

I assumed that there would have been a spring break of some sort, but nope. Not at all. Ugh. At least the last day of work for the summer would be June 1st and not June 19th or anything like that, lol. I will return for work later in the fall. In the meantime, I'm going to continue working on my novels and hopefully I'll finish a few of them (or at least one) before the summer, haha.


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