Happy Monday

Today was…well, let’s just say it felt like a Monday. I didn’t feel like going in for work at all. In fact, I struggled this morning waking up and even left at the same time I always manage to leave. 8:30am. No matter how early I wake up, I always tend to leave at that exact time and arrive to work about five minutes late and have my boss eventually talk to me about (even if it’s in a very sweet way, I still feel a bit bad about it.)

Not only was today a typical Monday, to add a little icing to this bitter cake, aftercare children left much later than normal. I’m supposed to leave work at 4:45pm, or when there are seven children left. Normally it’s about seven students by that time or at 5 o’clock at the latest. However, today five of those seven children all magically got picked up around the same time. Want to guess the time? 5:25pm. Ugh and when I came home I had to do more work related things and I actually just finished a few moments ago. Not once did I have the chance to relax once I came home from work, which was very disappointing to me.

Either way, happy Monday everyone, I can’t wait until the weekend comes. 


  1. Ugh, gotta love Mondays, right? xD I have the same problem with waking up. It doesn't matter whether I wake up and hour before I need to leave or 20 minutes, I'm still rushing around. I sometimes think time goes faster in the early morning!

    Anyway, I hope your week turns around. Crossing my fingers so that it won't be a long week!

    1. It's the worse, lol. I dread when Sunday comes around because it's basically already know that you have to prepare for work the next morning. I'm already counting down the days for Spring break. I thought we weren't having one, but we are. Woo-hoo! :)

      So far the days have been okay. Today was a long day for me, but hopefully things will get better tomorrow! Crossing my fingers for you as well!




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