Hello 2016!!

Welcome to 2016!!!

It's 2016 everyone! Can you believe it? As time goes on, the years appear to be shorter. Or that could have something to do with the fact when you're a kid life isn't measured by time because you're always living in the moment. However, as we grow older we start paying more attention to time and that's why it seems shorter. At least that's how I look at things, haha. 

About an hour or so ago, I went through some of my old posts on this blog and deleted them. I decided that for 2016 I am really going to leave some things in the past and put effort into my blogging. The previous entry before this one (which I also deleted), mostly talked about me not knowing where to blog. I even mentioned how Blogger seemed somewhat dead to me. The thing is this platform isn't dead, it's just that I no longer interact and put myself out there to receive any traffic. Some months ago, I decided to blog personally on here and changed my URL without telling anyone (eventually I only told three people.) I didn't have any intention on telling anyone to be honest, because I wanted to be able to blog freely without being worried of what others would think. I continued creating really personal entries, and even revealed something about myself that I should have kept private. In my mind, no one was going to comment, so it was okay. Even if I had a lurker or two, it was perfectly fine because they weren't commenting on those personal posts. I've deleted all of those personal posts and decided that some things are better left unsaid. 

Either way, I've officially decided to continue blogging here on Blogger. This will be a lifestyle niche blog. So posts can vary; personal posts, book/manga reviews, movie/anime reviews, etc. I also have two other main blogs where you can find me:

PonPonMomo (click the link)
Brittney Canna (click the link)

Tumblr, I mostly reblog there now but I haven't been as active lately. And Medium is a website I just started. So there are only two uploaded entries and it's not for personal blogging, more so like advice, tips and things of that nature. If you have either, please let me know so I can check you out! :)

Now onto the closing part of this entry. I plan on really challenging myself this year. In the past, I didn't put enough effort into a lot of things that I wanted to accomplish. This left a lot of things uncompleted or abandoned. After reevaluating a lot of my past mistakes, I decided to make 2016 the year I correct those mishaps and put the effort into the things I'm passionate about. This is of course writing. I'm going to attempt to blog daily, this is really going to be something I really can't slack off on, because I have a lot in the past. I'm also going to read (and finish) at least 20 of my novels. I have tons of books that I have started but never finished, or purchased and never read. 2016 will be my year to really put my foot down and starting accomplishing things by putting in the effort that is needed. 

Everyone reading this, have a wonderful 2016 and let this be your year for many great successes! 


  1. Really good! I look forward to your blog being updated && gotta check out your other blogs too.

    1. I'm going to try my hardest to update every day. :) And thank you very much! :)

  2. Hey! Welcome back! I hope you have a wonderful 2016. :-D

    1. Thank you! I'm glad to be back :) And have an awesome 2016 as well!




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